Weathy Forecast Results Look up your results in real time with Peer Health — CT scan of the head shows ... Sunny or Rainy Now you’ll know the names of the people who ordered tests, took your vitals signs, and more - It's like magic.


Peer Health puts you back in control of your medical care.

Health systems have an advantage.  By having all of your tests and notes in their system, they can control the flow of information to you.  What were your lab results?  What did the CT scan really say?  What does the doctor’s note say about me?

Peer Health flattens the field.  We re-imagine your health care visit as a news feed to let you know what is happening.  See your lab results as soon as they are available to the doctors and nurses.  See the doctor’s note as soon as they sign it.  Peer Health helps have the same access to your information those doctors and nurses have to your information … plus more.

This is just not another patient portal

Peer Health is more like the NY Times meets your health care visit.


Peer Health uses the same information in the healthcare system’s electronic health record.


Peer Health gets information the same time the doctor or nurse gets it. No more being the last who knows your own data.


Know the name of the people who entered data about you in the Electronic Health Record.

See Your Notes

View the notes doctors and nurses are writing about you in the palm of your hand … as soon as they sign them.

"Nurse! Nurse!"

By knowing the names of who is taking care of you, you can ask for them by name.

View Your Results

View your blood work and radiology results as soon as they are available, instead of having someone tell you later “It looks fine.”

Enough looking.

It’s your health.

Take Control.

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